Digital Solutions by Linkbuffer

Website Development for Landscapers

Portfolio Showcase: Highlight your completed projects with high-resolution images and detailed descriptions.

Service Bookings: Integrated booking system for consultations, landscaping jobs, or maintenance services.

Custom CMS: Easily manage content updates, project additions, and client testimonials.

Digital Marketing Services
Landscaping Marketing Agency in Edmonton

Online Marketing Solutions

SEO for Landscaping: Optimize your website to appear when potential clients search for landscaping or installation services in your vicinity.

Content Strategy: Share insights on landscaping trends, gardening tips, and more to position your business as a sector leader.

Social Media Integration

Project Highlights: Display before-and-after transformations, time-lapse videos of landscaping projects, and happy customer reviews.

Engagement Tools: Interactive polls, quizzes, and landscaping design contests to engage and grow your audience.

Landscaping Marketing Agency in Edmonton
Landscaping Marketing Agency in Edmonton

Email Campaigns

Seasonal Tips: Send out gardening and landscape maintenance tips tailored to each season.

Promotions: Announce limited-time offers, new service launches, or loyalty program details to your subscriber base.

Client Relationship Management

Client Profiles: Maintain detailed profiles of past projects, client preferences, and communication logs.

Feedback Loop: Automated systems to gather and act on client feedback for continuous improvement.

Landscaping Marketing Agency in Edmonton

Exclusive App Features Tailored for Landscaping Companies

Appointment Scheduler

Automated Reminders: Send reminder notifications for upcoming landscaping jobs or consultations.

Client History: Access client project histories, preferences, and past communications with a tap.

Customer Hub

Unified Contact Center: Organize client details, communication logs, and project notes for easy access.

Segmentation Tools: Categorize clients based on services availed, project size, or any custom criteria.

Review and Feedback System

Instant Notifications: Receive real-time alerts for new reviews or feedback.

Response Manager: Engage with client feedback and address any concerns promptly.

Interactive Form Builders

Project Briefs: Allow potential clients to submit detailed landscaping requests.

Feedback Forms: Gather actionable insights for service enhancement.

Communication Center

Unified Inbox: All your client communications, be it through email, text, or calls, in one place.

Virtual Business Number: Maintain professional communication without sharing personal contact details.

Why Linkbuffer?

Landscaping is an art, and so is creating a digital experience. With Linkbuffer, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re partnering with digital artists who understand your industry. Our bespoke solutions ensure that the digital representation of your landscaping business is as breathtaking as the physical landscapes you create. Experience the Linkbuffer difference and watch your business thrive.

Crafting Digital Landscapes Tailored to Your Business.

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