Real Estate

Services for Real Estate Companies Tailored by Linkbuffer

Website Development for Real Estate

Property Listings Platform: Showcase properties with high-quality images, 360° virtual tours, and detailed descriptions.

Interactive Map Integration: Help clients find properties based on locations, amenities, and more.

Responsive Design: Ensure potential buyers and sellers can browse properties seamlessly on any device.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

SEO for Property Listings: Elevate your listings on search results, connecting you with potential buyers faster.

Content Marketing Strategy: Share insights about property investment, market trends, and home-staging tips to position your company as a thought leader.

Social Media Ad Campaigns: Highlight properties and recent sales to engage a wider audience.

Email Marketing for Property Alerts

Tailored Alerts: Send clients new listings that match their criteria.

Engaging Newsletter Designs: Update clients on market trends, company news, and more.

Our Services

We provide wide range of business services

Our App Features Beneficial for Real Estate Companies

  • Email Marketing Campaign Builder: Engage clients with multi-channel campaigns across email, SMS/MMS, Facebook Messenger, and more.
  • Appointment Builder: Schedule property viewings and consultations with automated reminders to ensure no opportunity is missed.
  • Customer Management Hub: Organize leads, buyers, sellers, and property listings in one unified hub. Track communications, preferences, and history.
  • Reputation Management Tool: Gather client testimonials and reviews seamlessly. Respond and manage your company’s online reputation from a centralized dashboard.
  • Survey and Form Builders: Collect feedback on property viewings or gauge client interest in new property developments.
  • Messages Hub: Centralize communication from various channels, ensuring quick and efficient client interactions.
  • Membership and Course Builder: Offer exclusive content, market insights, or real estate courses for premium clients or real estate enthusiasts.

Why Choose Linkbuffer for Real Estate Solutions

Deep Market Insight: We understand the real estate industry’s unique nuances, ensuring laser-focused strategies.

All-in-One Services: From captivating listings to dynamic marketing campaigns, we’ve got you covered.

Tech-Forward Approach: Benefit from advanced tools like virtual tours and augmented reality experiences.

Tailored for You: Customizable features to suit your real estate company’s specific needs.

Dedicated Support: Not just a service – a committed partner for your digital journey.

Choose Linkbuffer and watch as we bridge the gap between traditional real estate practices and the endless possibilities of the digital realm